The United States Botanic Gardens of Washington, DC

My life has been a series of beautiful coincidences and chance connections that have led me to this exact spot, sitting in a chair in my new living room in Washington DC writing this. Within the first 24 hours of being here there was a certain place that had been calling to me, the Botanic Gardens. With one of my best friends, the good 'ol Canon DSLR, I hopped aboard the metro and headed towards it. With camera, sync triggers, and external flash hanging by my side I entered the building. As I began exploring however, I didn't feel particularly motivated to take the dive into the creative process, perhaps it was on account of the overwhelming amount of tourists taking photos on their phones, perhaps it was something else, regardless of the reason why, I wasn't feeling it. I continued to walk and with each new room came a new climate, a new smell, a new set of sensations, but still no drive. I am not one to force things so I figured if nothing else I could spend the afternoon enjoying myself simply for the sake of enjoying myself... and then I reached the orchid garden. The room was full of orchids from around the globe, beautiful colors, intriguing shapes, flowers I had until that point never seen in my life.

But before the flowers, I must jump back to the chance connections. Earlier in the day I had happened upon a post by one Seanie Blue...( and it resonated with me, particularly the words, "...and spent an hour on my knees with a macro lens, searching for peculiar patterns and color clashes that reveal themselves only to a languid and patient shooting schedule... this hour at dawn looking for patterns, this is what I look for when time doesn't matter." Seanie was speaking of the desire to have time for oneself, to pursue creativity or quite simply, that which makes you happy. With these words echoing in my mind I said to myself, "just do it, take the dive," and dive I did. I spent two hours crawling in the dirt, laying on the ground, getting acquainted with my flowery subjects. The world around me faded away, completely unconcerned was I with what others thought of me, of the perceptions they might hold. It was just me and the orchids. I feel as though it comes through in the pictures, I mean if it does or it doesn't is not really important. What is important is that I spent an afternoon doing what I love and that is the most important thing we as humans can do :)